Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feb-March 2012 Purchases

I've finally decided to start a blog. Ugh i feel like such a nerd just uttering those words in my head. The rationale that I came up with to not make myself feel like a trendy hipster is that this is more of a personal record-keeping tool for myself. The reason for the public profile is because I wouldn't mind random comments from strangers happening to pass by this blog. I actually would enjoy them. I am also using this to practice my creative writing as I haven't had the chance to do so in the past few years because, well, life got busy. I graduated college, found a job, started working on my fitness (lost 20 lbs!), and spent my free time enjoying life. 

Now onto the main content of this entry. Online shopping. I feel like I went a little overboard these last couple of weeks on shopping online as I bought a total of 5 items. It may not sound much but it definitely is more than usual for me. 

The first item is a pair of Genetic - James cigarette zippered jeans which I found on for $40.00 with a retail price of $198.00. It may seem like a great deal but I'll make the judgment call once I receive my item and then compare them with my other $40.00 jeans in my closet. 

The picture above shows the jeans. With my new lifestyle... well not being an unemployed college student any longer, I've been wanting to trade up my Charlotte Russe jeans for some Hign-end designer jeans. Instead of coughing up $200.00 for my first pair, I decided to buy some from one of those flash sale websites at a discount (a steep discount no less!). I wanted to check the quality of a pair of pricey jeans without having to spend $200.00 which is why i checked out sites like ideeli, myhabit, and gilt. Of course many other factors should be considered when it comes to spending $200 on jeans. I think the most important one is "if I can afford it" and that would be a yes. Hopefully satisfaction will be met once i receive these jeans in the mail. There is one negative that I wanted to point out about I was not too happy with the fact that they provided the estimated ship date after you've placed the order. I ordered these last week and the est. ship date it provided me was Mar. 19. More than 2 weeks of placing the order. 

Next items on the list are 2 pairs of Vince Camuto pumps which I bought from for $35 each. 
The above is a photo of eldred pumps in "new caramel" color. I actually own the same pair already but in black and they fit nicely and are quite comfy. Not to mention they look super sexy when worn with jeans, slacks or pencil skirts. I love the versatility of these pumps; I can wear them out to dinner with the boyfriend, or to a job interview or the office, or to a night club on a night out with the girls. I am looking forward to wearing these pumps this spring/summer with pastel dresses and tops. I can also wear them with my red skinny jeans and a white flowy top. I'm also ecstatic by the fact that i purchased these at $35. I bought the black ones for $70 at Dillards and they were already onsale! I believe retail price is around $120.
The above is a photo of the Jenessa pumps which i also bought from I also got these for $35.00.  For some reason, I'm looking forward to wearing these with a red top and black or dark grey high waist-ed pencil skirts. Or perhaps with a nice sheer, black, pleated skirt.  

Today is Sunday and bf and I didn't really have anything planned for the day. We had lunch at Five Guys and went home to pretty much lounge the day away. I decided to park my butt on the couch with the laptop on my lap and the bf decided to play his video games. I stumbled upon and found that they are currently having their end of season sale. I scored the following items.

The army cargo pants are by Costa Blanca and they are ankle length. I'm short so I really appreciate the 28' inseam. I scored them for $15.59 and the retail price is $125.00. 
The sapphire floral linen top is by Free People known for their bohemian style. I scored this lovely top for $14.94 and the retail price is $78.

Yep, I love saving money. 

Also, I'm really enjoying Justin Nozuka tunes played by Pandora. 

***The photo of the red door at the top of my page was taken by me in Savannah, Ga. 

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